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Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) Graded and Vocational Exam Program

The Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) program is an international recognised program aiming to motivate and  reward students of all ages and abilities. All candidates who pass an exam will receive a certificate of achievement and a breakdown of their result. Some grades also offer medals.


Children from the age of 2.5 years old can enter the R.A.D. Pre-School "exam". This provides students with the opportunity to learn the ballet basics and present it in front of an examiner. Students will then move on to the Graded Examinations (Pre-Primary to Grade 8). The Grade 1 - 8 syllabus incorporates ballet, free movement, and character and is suitable for candidates from 7 years old (Grades 1 - 5) and 11 years old (Grades 6 - 8). Students who wish to participate in the annual Graded Exam are required to attend at least 2 classes per week. 


After passing the Grade 5 exam, students will then be selected to join the Vocational Exam class. This program develops the technique, music, and performance skills of the older ballet student to an advanced level, preparing them for a dance or dance-related career. Students are required to attend at least 3 classes  per week, which one of them will be pointe class. 



Pre-School 1

Pre-School 2



Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8​

Grade 5






Advance 1

Advance 2

Solo Seal​

The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (C.S.T.D.) Ballet Exam Program

The C.S.T.D. Ballet Program is another opportunity for students to pursue their interest in Ballet. Students who have entered the C.S.T.D. examinations also have the opportunity to join the annual Kangaroo Cup Dance Competition in Hong Kong as well as the Asia Pacific Dance Competition help in countries all around Asia, such as Thailand, Australia, Macau, etc. 



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